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T REX Combo Bounce & Slide


34L x 14W x 15H

Roar into Fun with the T-Rex Combo

Calling all dino-enthusiasts! The T-Rex Combo isn’t just a bounce house; it’s a portal to a prehistoric world of bouncing thrills and wet and wild adventures. This inflatable behemoth is the centerpiece for any dinosaur-themed party, transporting kids to a time when giant reptiles ruled the Earth.

Become Part of the Prehistoric Party:

The T-Rex Combo is more than just your average inflatable. It’s a meticulously crafted world brimming with prehistoric details that will spark your child’s imagination:

  • A Mighty Entrance: Step into the jaws of adventure through a giant inflatable T-Rex mouth that serves as the entrance to the bouncing area. Imagine the roars of excitement as children enter this prehistoric playground!
  • Jump Like a Raptor: The spacious bouncing area provides ample room for little ones to leap, bound, and channel their inner velociraptors. It’s a safe and enclosed space for energetic play, all under the watchful eye of a friendly T-Rex.
  • Slide into the Primeval Pool: For a truly dino-mite experience, attach a hose to the slide and transform it into a prehistoric watering hole. Kids can take a thrilling slide down the T-Rex’s neck and make a splash into a pool of cool water, perfect for beating the summer heat. (Note: The pool feature may be optional, so check with the rental company.)
  • Dry Fun Option: The beauty of the T-Rex Combo is its versatility. Even without the water element, the bounce house and slide provide endless entertainment. It’s perfect for cooler weather or indoor events where water play might not be ideal.

A Perfect Fit for Dino-Themed Celebrations:

The T-Rex Combo is more than just a bounce house; it’s the ultimate element for an unforgettable dinosaur-themed party:

  • Sets the Scene: The T-Rex design and vibrant colors instantly create a prehistoric atmosphere that will transport kids to a world of towering dinosaurs and exciting adventures.
  • Fuels Imaginative Play: The inflatable becomes a prehistoric playground, the bouncing area transforms into a safe dinosaur haven, and the slide becomes a watering hole escape. It fuels imaginative play and lets kids become their favorite prehistoric pals.
  • Fun for All Ages: This inflatable is suitable for a wide range of ages. Younger children can enjoy the bouncing area and gentle slide (without water), while older kids can test their climbing skills and relish the thrilling descent.

Extinction-Level Fun Awaits!

The T-Rex Combo is a guaranteed hit for any dinosaur-themed event. It offers a unique combination of bouncing fun, thrilling slides, and an immersive prehistoric theme that will have your little paleontologists digging for more fun. So, don’t wait for the meteor to hit – jump into the T-Rex Combo and experience a jurassic adventure your little ones will never forget!

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$335-4 hours | $385-6 hours | $435-8 hours

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