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Adrenaline Rush Extreme


43 x 42 x 16

Experience the ultimate rush with the Adrenaline Rush Extreme—a breathtaking 1,850 square foot dual-lane maze that’s packed with heart-pounding activities! This inflatable obstacle course is a whirlwind adventure, featuring a winding path that encompasses a dual-lane climb and slide, a curved dual lane obstacle track, and a double lane slide/obstacle track combination. From the moment participants crawl through the pipe entrance of the Adrenaline Extreme, they’re thrust into a world of adrenaline-inducing challenges.

As they journey through the course, kids are met with a series of exhilarating pop-outs and squeeze walls, pushing their agility and determination to the limit. At the halfway point, a thrilling rock climb and slide awaits, designed to propel participants through even more challenging pop-outs and squeeze wall curves. The grand finale involves a mammoth rock climb that culminates in a high-speed slide to the finish line, leaving participants exhilarated and triumphant.

The Adrenaline Rush Extreme promises an unforgettable adventure that’s equal parts exhilarating and entertaining. Whether it’s a test of agility, a race against friends, or a personal challenge, this maze-like course guarantees non-stop action and excitement for all who dare to take it on.

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$710-4 hours $810-6 hours $910-8 hours

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