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40’ Empire Obstacle Course


40 x 11 x 17

Unleash the Ultimate Challenge: Conquer the 40-Foot Obstacle Course!

Transform your event into a high-energy adventure zone with the epic 40-foot obstacle course! This isn’t just a course, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that will have everyone talking long after the party’s over.

Why it’s the perfect party addition:

  • Non-Stop Action: Packed with pop-up obstacles, challenging climbs, thrilling slides, and more, this course keeps the fun flowing for hours.
  • Something for Everyone: Designed for all ages and abilities, it provides a thrilling adventure for participants of all levels.
  • High-Energy Fun: From navigating tricky obstacles to conquering exciting climbs, this course gets hearts pumping and laughter erupting.
  • Memorable Experience: This isn’t just entertainment, it’s a memory-maker. Your event will be the talk of the town with this epic obstacle course as the centerpiece.

Book your adventure today! The 40-foot obstacle course is perfect for birthday parties, school events, or any occasion where you want to create an unforgettable and active experience.

Rental Info

$410-4 hours $460-6 hours $510-8 hours

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