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Boot Camp Obstacle Course Challenge


85 L x 12 W x 16 H

Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled showdown in our thrilling Boot Camp Obstacle Course Challenge! As you enter the course, be ready to strategize and unleash your skills. Jump through the first hole and maneuver through inflated pillars, but beware of the unexpected hedgehog obstacles that lie ahead. Your upper body strength will be put to the test as you grab the rope and swing to the other side, avoiding the perilous pit. Stay alert as you navigate through the vertical pillars, as laser beams add an extra layer of excitement. Feel the burn as fatigue sets in, but remember, there’s one final hurdle to conquer before you can reach the top. Summon your determination and climb your way to the summit, where a thrilling 20-foot slide awaits, propelling you towards a victorious finish. Get ready to push your limits, face your fears, and experience the exhilarating triumph that awaits at the end of the ultimate Boot Camp Obstacle Course Challenge!

Rental Info

$995-4 hours | $1,005-6 hours | $1,105-8 hours

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