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18’ Splish Splash


27 x 12 x 18

Welcome to the 18′ Splish Splash with Pool—an all-encompassing, single-lane water slide that boasts an exciting 180-degree turn, ensuring non-stop thrills for children of all ages. Crafted to optimize enjoyment without sacrificing space, it’s an ideal match for most backyard settings. For those seeking both excitement and convenience, we also present a Landing option, catering to those who relish the slide’s adventure but prefer to skip the water-filled pool finale.

As participants make their way down the slide’s twisting path, anticipation builds with every twist and turn. The Splish Splash with Pool guarantees an unforgettable aquatic experience that promises hours of refreshing fun and entertainment. Whether you’re seeking the ultimate way to make a backyard event special or simply a unique way to beat the heat, this water slide offers a one-of-a-kind adventure that’s both thrilling and memorable.

Rental Info

$260-4 hours | $310-6 hours | $360-8 hours

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