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27’ Roaring River


65L x 25W x 27H

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled adventure with our extraordinary Roaring River Slide! Designed with an incredible sliding angle, this thrilling attraction is guaranteed to get hearts racing and pulses pounding. As riders take the plunge, their exhilarating screams fill the air while they speed down the slide, descending towards the bottom in a frenzy of excitement. But the adventure doesn’t end there! As they reach the base, they seamlessly transition onto an enormous additional slip and slide, adding an extra layer of pure exhilaration to their descent. Finally, with a triumphant splash, riders land in the refreshing and inviting splash down pool, completing their wild journey. The Roaring River Slide promises an unforgettable experience, where the combination of speed, twists, turns, and the final splashdown create an atmosphere of pure joy and thrill. Brace yourself for an incredible adventure that will leave everyone craving another ride down this remarkable slide.


Rental Info

$570-4 hours | $670-6 hours | $770-8 hours

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