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Twin Falls


26 L x 24 W x 22 H

Dive headfirst into the ultimate aquatic escapade with our remarkable 22’ Twin Falls with Pools dual lane water slide. Ascend the ladder through the center and reach a pivotal decision – a choice between two exhilarating paths awaits. Take a daring leap down the right or left lane, hurtling through an electrifying 180-degree turn that propels you into the awaiting pool below. The thrill is amplified by the seamless and rapid return to the ladder, allowing you to relive the excitement again and again. This one-piece wonder promises an unending cycle of heart-pounding adventure, offering a chance to conquer the slide and make a splash with every exhilarating ride.

Rental Info

$485-4 hours | $535-6 hours | $585-8 hours

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