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27’ Hurricane Slide with Pool


30 L x 30 W x 27 H

Embark on a breathtaking ascent as you climb the ladder to the pinnacle of excitement. Take a seat, anticipation building, as you prepare to confront the heart of the storm. With a powerful push, you’re instantly launched into a thrilling 360° turn, hurtling through the tunnel and emerging onto a straight path. But the adventure doesn’t stop there – brace yourself for a sharp 90° turn into the second tunnel, swiftly followed by yet another 90° turn that propels you forward. Finally, surrender to the exhilarating moment as you splash into the pool, a triumphant conclusion to your 66 feet of pure adrenaline-pumping journey. This experience is a rush like no other, an adventure that embraces the elements of surprise, speed, and an insatiable thirst for excitement.

Rental Info

$535-4 hours | $585-6 hours | $635-8 hours

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