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30 L X 30 W X 6 H

Prepare for endless laughter and excitement with Hippo Chow Down – a game that guarantees hours of amusement for both participants and spectators alike. This exhilarating attraction introduces the latest in 4-player bungee tug-o-war style gameplay, where speed, strength, and agility come into play. The objective is clear: as soon as the referee’s whistle blows, all four players race from their respective back walls to the central pond of balls, vying to retrieve as many balls as possible and transport them back to the mesh bag at their starting wall.

In this entertaining race against time, players will demonstrate their determination and quick thinking to snatch the balls and secure their victory. Once all the balls are “chow’d down,” the player with the most balls in their bag emerges as the triumphant winner. With 25 balls to fuel the excitement, Hippo Chow Down combines competition, strategy, and laughter for a unique and unforgettable experience that’s perfect for events of all kinds.

Rental Info

$360 for 4 hours $410 for 6 hours $460 for 8 hours

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