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Rock N Roll Joust Inflatable Game Rental


23 X 24 X 9

Step into the spotlight and transform into a rock star jouster with the Rock N Roll Joust inflatable interactive game! Participants step into the six-sided arena, taking their place on the raised center pedestal for an exhilarating jousting match. Balancing on the limited space at the top of the pedestal requires a combination of rocking and rolling, adding an extra layer of challenge to the contest.

As contestants face off, the objective is clear: outmaneuver your opponent, knock them off balance, and claim the pedestal to emerge victorious. The Rock N Roll Joust game transforms ordinary participants into thrilling contenders, combining skill, balance, and strategy to create a dynamic experience that’s as entertaining to watch as it is to play. Whether it’s friendly competition or a chance to show off your jousting prowess, this interactive game promises excitement and laughter for all involved.

Rental Info

$260-4 hours $310-6 hours $360-8 hours

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