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Leaps N Bounds


39 x 21 x 12

Ever dreamed of putting your Ninja or Leap Frog skills to the test? Get ready to be thrilled by our Leaps & Bounds interactive course! This exciting game introduces a thrilling challenge that features a sequence of four massive inflatable balls. Challengers must summon their courage to leap across these giant orbs in order to reach the opposite side. Ascend the ladder located on one of the side platforms, perched high above the colossal ball pit that awaits below. Then, brace yourself to embark on a daring journey, hopping from ball to ball like a nimble frog or sprinting across these mammoth spheres to successfully conquer the course.

Leaps & Bounds offers an exhilarating opportunity to channel your inner adventurer, providing an experience that’s as fun as it is challenging. Whether you’re testing your balance, agility, or simply embracing the thrill of the leap, this attraction guarantees excitement and entertainment for participants of all ages. Get ready to make a splash as you take on this larger-than-life adventure!

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$605-4 hours $705-6 hours $805-8 hours

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