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Pedestal Joust


20 X 25 X 3

Challenge Your Friends in the Hilarious Pedestal Joust!

Calling all brave adventurers! Prepare to test your might and balance in the Pedestal Joust – the inflatable jousting game that’s perfect for any event!

Here’s why it’ll be a hit:

  • Joust Like a Knight: Challenge your friends to a classic battle of balance and skill. Climb atop your own pedestal and grab your oversized inflatable joust pole.
  • May the Best Knight Win: Knock your opponent off their pedestal to claim jousting glory (but don’t worry, it’s all soft and safe!).
  • More Than Just Jousting: Not feeling particularly chivalrous? No problem! This inflatable is perfect for jumping, bouncing, and general carousing too.
  • Endless Fun for All Ages: The Pedestal Joust is a hilarious and engaging activity for kids and adults alike.

Get ready for laughter, friendly competition, and a whole lot of bouncing fun!

Rent the Pedestal Joust today and add some medieval mayhem to your next event!

Rental Info

$260-4 hours $310-6 hours $360-8 hours

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