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14 L X 14 W X 6 H

Prepare for a fast-paced and thrilling game as six players emerge from their “Mole Holes” and swiftly snatch the balls scattered across the surface. Stay nimble and agile, for you must swiftly retreat back into your hole before the player in the center attempts to whack your “Mole Head” with the inflatable mallet! The objective is clear: retrieve as many balls as you can from the surface, for the player who collects the highest number of balls will claim victory in this exhilarating competition. With a capacity for up to seven players, gather your friends and get ready for a lively and competitive game that will keep everyone on their toes. Dodge, snatch, and strategize your way to triumph in this action-packed Mole Hole Ball Game!

Rental Info

$265 for 4 hours $335 for 6 hours $365 for 8 hours

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